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M-3 hand-held square resistance resistivity tester
M-3 hand-held square resistance resistivity tester
M-3 hand-held four probe tester
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 I. Structural features                                                      

M-3 handle four probe resistivity tester

M-3 handle four probe resistivity tester

II Overview                                                                

M-3 hand-held four probe tester is a multi-purpose comprehensive measuring instrument that uses the four probe measuring principle to test resistivity/square resistance. The design of the instrument conforms to the national standard for physical testing methods of monocrystalline silicon and the American A.S.T.M standard.

Complete set: It consists of M-3 host, optional four probe probe and other two parts, and can also be equipped with a test bench.

All parameter settings and function conversion of the instrument are input by touching the key; It has zero position and full degree self calibration functions; Manual/automatic range switching is optional; The test result is directly displayed by the digital meter. The tester is powered by rechargeable battery, which is suitable for handheld operation in changing occasions!

Probe selection: according to the requirements of different material characteristics, there are many types of probes available. It has a high wear-resistant tungsten carbide probe probe to test the resistivity/square resistance of hard materials such as silicon semiconductors, metals and conductive plastics; There is also a spherical gold-plated copper alloy probe probe, which can measure the resistivity/square resistance of semiconductor materials such as conductive films of flexible materials, metal coatings or films, conductive films (ITO films) or nano coatings on substrates such as ceramics or glass. With the four terminal test fixture, the resistance of the resistor body, the low and median resistance of the metal conductor and the contact resistance of the switch can also be measured. With a special probe, it can also test the resistivity of the coating on the foil such as the battery pole piece.

The instrument has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, high sensitivity, good stability, high intelligence, compact structure and easy use.

The instrument is applicable to the hand-held conductivity test of conductors, semiconductors and semiconductor like materials in semiconductor material factories, device factories, scientific research institutions and universities.

 III. Basic Technical Parameters                                     

1. Measurement range and resolution

Resistance: 0.010 Ω~50.00k Ω, resolution: 0.001~10 Ω

Resistivity: 0.010 Ω~20.00k Ω - cm, resolution: 0.001~10 Ω - cm

Block resistance: 0.050 Ω~100.0k Ω/□ Resolution: 0.001~10 Ω/□

2. Measurable material size

The hand-held mode is not limited to the material size, but the additional test bench is determined by the optional test bench as follows:

Diameter: Φ 15~180mm; Or 180mm*180mm。

Length (height): direct test mode of test bench H ≤ 160mm

Measuring orientation: both axial and radial

3. Range division and error level



Resistance test range


Resistivity / 

square resistance


Basic error 


4. Adapter working power supply: 220V ± 10%, f=50Hz ± 4%, PW ≤ 5W, or battery powered

5. Overall dimension: W *H * L=10cm *3.6cm * 21cm

Net weight: ≤ 0.3kg

 IV. Contact information and purchase channels:               

Sales Manager: Grace Zheng



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