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Warmly congratulate the formal implementation of the standard GB/T 40007-2021 General Rules for Contact Measurement of Resistivity of Nanotechnology Nanomaterials Jingge Electronics Ding Hailong participated in the standard formulation meeting

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In June 2021, the national standard GB/T40007-2021 General Rules for Contact Measurement Method of Resistivity of Nanotechnology Nanomaterials was officially released in Taiyuan.

This standard is mainly formulated by Shanxi Institute of Coal Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is the first general standard for resistivity testing of nanomaterials (main powders) in the industry, including three testing methods: static four probe, dynamic four probe, and dynamic four wire two electrode. This general rule standard will provide technical support for a series of resistivity test rules and standards, and help China improve the nanomaterial testing standard system. During the formulation of the standard, experts in the field of nanomaterials discussed it for many times, and many units in the industry repeatedly tested it, making the standard highly scientific, instructive and universal. Ding Hailong, general manager of Jingge Electronics in Suzhou, was invited to participate in the standard drafting and formulation meeting.

Suzhou Jingge Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on material conductivity testing instruments.

The main products include: four probe tester, powder resistivity tester, ultra-high resistance micro current tester, soil resistivity tester, liquid conductivity meter, AC/DC voltmeter and other nine series of more than 200 varieties.

Applicable products are: conductors, semiconductor materials, insulating and anti-static materials; The measurable forms are solid, film, coating, powder or liquid. The measurable components include single crystal, polycrystal, polymer, mixture, soil, etc.

Application industries: widely used in research institutes, universities, industrial and mining enterprises, such as metal, semiconductor industry, carbon, graphene industry, ITO film, conductive glass industry, conductive rubber and plastic industry, insulation and antistatic industry, lithium battery industry, solar cell industry, etc.

Suzhou Jingge Electronics Co., Ltd. was invited by China Standards Publishing House to participate in compiling the latest reference book of Nanotechnology Standards Collection.

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